You guys, I'm blushing!

"Julia did all the flowers for my April 2013 wedding, and they were absolutely perfect. She knew exactly what I wanted and the arrangements were more beautiful than anything I could’ve asked for. She’s got a great eye and innate sense of style that you can trust to turn out incredible results. My budget was tiny, the local floral selection was small, and yet she produced stunning, full arrangements. Whether you need flowers for a wedding, big event, or just want something fresh and pretty to brighten a room, I highly recommend Julia and Hey Bud!"

- Amanda

"Julia creates the most beautiful flower arrangements! It comes so naturally to her to take each bundle of fresh flowers and build a masterpiece. Seeing what Julia makes always makes me so happy!
If you are looking for incredible flowers, you’ve come to the right lady"

- Katy

"We loved what you did for our place last Christmas! Time for more holiday leaves and petals here."

- Colleen & Brent

"Julia made some lovely red flower arrangements for my birthday party! She was super easy to contact, and was easily able to adapt to my style. She is a great florist and I’m sure my family will be using her again."

- Ruby

"Julia is such an imaginative florist! Her arrangements are always creative and beautiful and they are well-constructed! I’ve had flowers from Julia continue to look amazing for over two weeks! She really knows her flowers and has an eye for color and texture pairings. I can’t recommend her enough if you are looking for a truly unique arrangement."

- Marike

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